All right… who needs a hero?

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Kate Bishop. I’m pretty much an Avenger.

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don’t get me wrong, i’m really glad marvel is doing a big push for women, but can we please give at least one queer character a solo or

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the new silver surfer is such a good comic

"— but now i am a daughter of heaven. now i fly with angels who see me as i am, not as they wish me to be. and besides brother… this is hardly the first time i’ve stabbed you in the back.”

Anonymous asked: hey what comic did female!loki pop up in?

She came up in Original Sin 5.3 (Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm) but the art I edited for her was from 5.4.

It is a 5 issue mini series, but I’m hoping she sticks around a while after it’s concluded!

"We gave you a family!"

"Yes, but I already have one of those."

it honestly blows my mind that 40 year men are so threatened by the idea of having women in comics that they feel like they need to do everything in their power to silence female fans. it blows my mind that 40 year old men are attempting to sabotage runs that they were never going to read anyways. like how selfish do you have to be to try and undermine something that wouldn’t matter to you at all except for the fact that it empowers women?

i’m reading these comments and i KNOW 90 percent of the people talking don’t even read the current thor line.

you literally have no investment in this series, and you’re enraged. the idea of a female thor enrages and disgusts you.

why? why is that. explain to me what is so threatening about women having role models they can look up to.

explain to me why this matters so much to you. is it because you’re on your way out? is it because you know your voice is dwindling?

because let me clue you in on a secret friend. i’m here to stay. i’m taking your spaces by force and i will not be shoved down or silenced. you can either cohabit them with me or you can get the fuck out because i’m not going anywhere.

i will not be to feel made less by you, and i sure as hell wont let young girls grow up without super heroes of their own. you can move out of my way while that happens or you can get run over. 


Favorite Artists Meme → Stephanie Hans

↳ ft. Natasha Romanoff, Brunnhilde, Wanda Maximoff, Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, Lady Sif, the Young Avengers, Amora the Enchantress, Illyana Rasputin, Thor Odinson, Kid Loki, Leah, and Anna Marie

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